Becoming a Road Ranger

What is a Road Ranger
It is a person with a passion for motorcycles and riders alike, considering safety first for him/herself and others who have been placed under his/her guidance. A Road Ranger in this instance is not a person of authority, except in circumstances where life or property are being threatened and swift action is required by the Road Ranger.

Safety Initiative Road Rangers are normally employed by organizers and or authorities where cycle races, bike rallies or mass rides etc. occurs to control and smoothen the flow of traffic and/or the procession. Are also found on race tracks, funeral processions etc.

A Road Ranger may be required to assist traffic and/or police authorities with the control of traffic, control of traffic intersections, points man duties etc. only after proper training has been done and approval has been given by the said authorities.

A Road Ranger is not an enforcement agent, and therefore may not act in that capacity

Keys to success

  • We have a highly qualified and capable management team.
  • We have the capabilities and financial resources to expand.
  • By means of the use of advanced electronic and information technology, we manage with greatly improved efficiency and depth of control.
  • We possess the capability to support and manage operations over long logistical lines.

Criteria to become a Road Ranger:

  • Be a Mature Person.
  • Act professional at all times.
  • Must be able to work with people.
  • Have a reasonable endurance threshold.
  • Must be able to make quick decisions.
  • Act swiftly.
  • Have your own motorcycle (Roadworthy and licensed).
  • Display as per Law, the correct size number plate.
  • Posses at least a learners License for a motorcycle.
  • Be a reasonably skilled rider.
  • Any rider training will be beneficial.
  • Any First Aid training will be beneficial.
  • Willing to undergo a skills test at a nominated biking academy.
  • Willing to attend Metro Points man training.
  • Willing to undergo First Aid Training.
  • Able to undergo a strict training syllabus program to achieve his/her Marshal accreditation.
  • Attend at least 1 training ride and event per month.
  • Be involved in safety awareness drives as well as Community Service from time to time.
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